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Our latest competition winners!

publication date: Oct 12, 2010
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I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with work recently so haven’t got round to telling you all who’s won the fantastic prizes for our recent comps.

First of all the terms supply of yummy breakfast cereals was won by Maxine Branagh of Edinburgh Uni who correctly pointed out that one of the subjects of the Rude Health rants was Rooibos tea

For the Food Bloggers for Students Kitchenaid comp I was aided and abetted by my Ultimate Student Cookbook co-authors Signe Johansen and James Ramsden. There were some great entries including Kavey’s sausage curry (surely a student classic?) Donna D’s step-by-step chili con carne, Will the Cad’s fiendishly attractive Anchovies for Isabella and Becca’s Bacon, Lettuce and Pea Risotto (a close one there, Becca) but in the end we were unanimously agreed that Ollie Thring’s Greek Souvlaki was the winner

“Simple, clear instructions. Tasty dish. The brevity of Ollie's method appealed to me and I liked the use of actual meat, not just the ubiquitous mince I was guilty of using as a student” said Sig. “A witty and healthy riff on a student cliché” summed up James.

You can find all the winning recipes in our Food Bloggers for Students section and lucky old Ollie wins a lush Kitchenaid blender. (If you’re a food blogger and would like to offer us a favourite student recipe even though we no longer have the competition running, do please go ahead!)

Finally the big one - the £500 ASDA student shopping card which was won by - ta-taaaaaa - Beth Hannon who studies at Portsmouth Uni. Congratulations, Beth and don’t spend it all at once ;-)

We’re going to have some more ASDA student shopping cards for our Facebook fans to win shortly so follow us if you want to be in with a chance to grab one of those.

Congratulations all and thanks to our generous sponsors. Anyone else who’d like to offer us a prize or sponsor the site - contact [email protected]


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