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Tips on How to Bet on Dota 2

publication date: May 31, 2019

The legendary MOBA won the hearts of millions in just a few months. The gameplay requires you to work not only with your hands but also with your head, since the number of various combinations, builds and maneuvers is infinitely many. Thanks to the intuitive interface, tasks and rivals, Dota 2 in the blink of an eye became the leading cyber discipline, holding this position for several years. Learn the peculiarities of Dota game and use this resource to start betting.

Dota as Cybersports

As eSports, the graphical component initially went to the second level, which gave a confident position in future promising competitions. The first world championship, held in 2011, collected a record $ 1.3 million for that time. To earn such money, you must regularly participate in various tournaments and show your consistent skill, which only grows to 0.5% of the multi-million dollar audience. Not every person who respects free time is willing to spend a day on endless games. In this case, the leading bookmakers provided an excellent opportunity for a "productive" pastime.


Having gathered theoretical skills, you can safely go to the Internet in order to find information on the pair that will be used as an intensive source of income. It is necessary to take into account not one dozen of controversial issues, but the most important is to determine for yourself the favorites. Having gained experience, you can proceed to develop your own strategies, or look for suitable ones and upgrade to your style of betting.

The Best Strategy on Dota 2

A self-respecting player knows that there are no perfect strategies, but there is a place to be. The narrowly focused person will thoughtlessly follow the instructions, not realizing that she may fail and will need some work. Because of such “visitors”, the general impression about bookmakers offices as a whole is lost, which negatively affects the development of eSports among its senior competitors.

What Is Martingale Strategy?

The main idea of the strategy is that after each loss, you must double the bet and play in this sequence before you win. A lot of exclamations in the direction of "narrowly focused" sequence of actions leads to the fact that no one believes in the system of "doubling". The fact is that watching a certain successful team, you automatically agree with its unconditional victory. The favorites still remain favorites and, after a fabulous defeat, either leave the sport (rarely) or rush into battle with new forces, bringing the cherished win straight into the hands. In order to correctly calculate the doubling rate system, use calculators, which are available on the Internet and study the history of games carefully as well as the future game.


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