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Harry Eastwood's all-day breakfast omelette

publication date: May 13, 2011
author/source: Harry Eastwood
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I LOVE eating this for breakfast. The beauty of this colourful omelette is that it’s packed with punchy flavours and goodness. It is also a fantastic way of using up any leftovers: you could replace the broccoli with any cooked greens, or raw spinach. Similarly, you could use grilled bacon, cooked chicken or smoked salmon instead of chorizo.  Served with toast, guacamole and sour cream, it’s also perfect as brunch, lunch or dinner…

Serves 4
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
You will need: a medium frying pan (mine is 23cm wide at the base), a balloon whisk, and small airtight plastic bag.
9 large free-range eggs
1 tbsp olive oil
½ tsp cayenne pepper
2 whole red peppers, deseeded and sliced in half lengthways
100g chorizo slices, cut into quarters
180g lightly cooked broccoli, cut into bite-size pieces
120g strong, hard cheese (such as Manchego), grated finely
4 spring onions, thinly sliced
small handful of coriander
juice of ½ lime
pinch salt
Heat up the grill.
Place the red peppers skin side up under a hot grill. Remove after 7-10 minutes, once the skins are charred and black. Place in an airtight bag and seal. Set aside for 5 minutes.
Heat up the frying pan until really hot.
With the help of a balloon (or rotary whisk or fork) beat the eggs, the cayenne pepper, salt and ¾ of the cheese in a mixing bowl.
Peal the skin off the red peppers and slice the flesh into thin strips.
Put the olive oil into the pan and once it has heated for 10 seconds or so, tip the contents of the mixing bowl into the frying pan.
Whilst the egg mixture is still very runny, dot the broccoli, chorizo and red pepper strips evenly over the mixture.
When the edges of the omelette have started to cook, gently push them towards the middle with the back of a spoon, so as to let some of the runny mixture leak out to the edges. Repeat a couple of times until the omelette is set around the edges but still wobbly in the middle.
Sprinkle over the remaining cheese and place under the hot grill for no more than 1 minute to give the eggs a puffed-up, golden crust.
Remove from the oven and sprinkle over the spring onions, coriander and squeeze over the lime juice. Serve hot.

Fiona says: This is a glammed up version of the frittata we already have on the site but particularly tasty. You could substitute all kinds of other ingredients - Cheddar for Manchego, bacon for chorizo etc.

Harry Eastwood is a best-selling author and TV personality, one of the presenters of 'Cook Yourself Thin' and author of Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache, a book on healthy baking.



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