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Will's Quick Thai Green Chicken Curry

publication date: Aug 10, 2008
author/source: Will Micklefield
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Serves 2

· 1 tablespoon green or red curry paste
· 1 tin coconut milk
· 2-3 chicken thighs, removed from bone and cut into small pieces
· ½ tablespoon fish sauce (+ extra to taste)
· 2 teaspoons soy sauce
· ½ tin bamboo shoots
· ½ - 1 red chilli (according to taste) de seeded and chopped up very small
· Fresh basil leaves torn up OR dried basil
· Oil
· 2 Kaffir lime leaves (great if you can get them, if not use zest of lime)
· 1 sachet of creamed coconut
· long grain or basmati rice

Cut a red chilli in half (down the middle), before de-seeding it and chopping it horizontally into small pieces. If you have the Kaffir lime leaves, wash before cutting each leaf into fine strips (leaving out the stem).

Remove chicken meat from bone, then cut into small bite size pieces of a similar size.

Heat a tablespoon of oil up in a deep pan until very hot. Quickly and lightly fry off curry paste in hot oil (the paste can burn very quickly). Add coconut milk and bring to a light simmer. Add the chicken, the fish sauce, soy sauce, chilli, creamed coconut and bamboo shoots (and if you have them, Kaffir lime leaves).

Cook for 15-20 minutes until chicken is cooked.

Adjust seasoning  to taste and then add basil leaves (if you have no lime leaves, sprinkle lime zest on top).

Serve with rice


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