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Apple and cinnamon porridge

publication date: Jan 31, 2012
author/source: Fiona Beckett
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Porridge - as any self-respecting Scot will tell you - is a question of personal taste. Arguments rage over whether you should use milk or water, how thick you should make it and whether you should season it with sugar or salt. (Water, thick and salty is the traditional way . . . ) Most Scots would be appalled at adding fruit which is what I like to do to it but it makes what is already a brilliantly healthy start to the day even healthier. (Oats are a great source of slow release energy)

Serves 1
Time: 8-10 minutes
Cost: 40-50p

3 tbsp porridge oats (25-30g or 1/3 of a mug)
100ml (just under 1/2 a mug) semi-skimmed milk
1 eating apple or 1/2 a Bramley apple peeled and cut into small pieces
A small handful of raisins (optional but good)
About 1 tbsp soft brown sugar, demerara sugar or ordinary sugar
A small pinch (about 1/8 tsp) cinnamon

Put the oats, milk, 100ml (just under 1/2 a mug) water, chopped apple, raisins, sugar and cinnamon in a small, preferably nonstick, saucepan and bring slowly to the boil, stirring occasionally. Turn the heat down and simmer for 3-4 minutes and serve with a little extra milk and sugar to taste.


* If you’re going to make porridge regularly I suggest you buy some soft brown sugar which will make it even tastier.

* Porridge pans are a pain to wash if you leave them. Put them to soak as soon as you’ve poured out your porridge


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