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How to avoid gluey pasta

publication date: Jul 29, 2007
author/source: Fiona Beckett
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Most pasta comes in 500g packs so you'll need a fifth to a quarter of the pack per person depending on your appetite(s).

Fill a large saucepan with boiling water from the kettle (quicker than boiling it in the pan). Add salt then tip in the pasta*. Give it a stir with a large fork or spoon to ensure the pieces aren't stuck together then continue to boil without stirring until it is cooked, following the recommended timing on the pack. Drain the pasta in a sieve or colander then tip it in the sauce or pour the sauce over it, depending on the recipe

* Don't make pasta in advance otherwise it will go gluey and stick together. Use it as soon as you've cooked it. If you want to keep some for a pasta salad, take off a portion and rinse it under cold water

* If you're cooking spaghetti push it down into the water as the ends soften until it is completely submerged


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