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What parents can do

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(Only 3, not 5 as in our other targeted suggestions because as we all know, parents shouldn’t interfere too much in their children’s lifestyles . . . )

* Teach you kids to cook
Ok, you may have missed the boat this term but there’s always the holidays isn’t there? And by the time they come back after a few months of hall food they’ll be more motivated to find out how you make their favourite dishes. (If you don’t cook much at least arm them with a cookbook, ours for preference (;-) but there are plenty of good ones out there

* Send them recipes
A handwritten copy of a favourite recipe is particularly personal and will be treasured in later years (I still have my mum’s marmalade) but cuttings from mags or newspapers or links to online recipes are good too. Anything to inspire them

* Organise an online delivery
Setting up a regular veg box delivery is a great way to encourage your kids to eat fresh fruit and veg. (Every fortnight rather than every week, we suggest, to avoid wastage. If they make good use of it they’ll come back and ask for a weekly delivery)

And if you’ve got any favourite recipes from your student days or family recipes you’d like to share with other students write to us at [email protected]