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What students can do

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* Cook with a friend - or friends
Cuts the cost, halves the work, is much more fun. If that friend knows a bit about cooking and you don’t - all the better!

* Make cooking fun
Create a focus to your cooking session: make home made pizzas or curry instead of a takeaway. Hold a bakeathon - or a cupcake day. Have a fondue night. Organise a marathon TV supper watching cookery shows, having made a dish/dishes from one of the programmes . . .

* Set up a Cookbook Club
You know book clubs, right? Well, set up a Cookbook Club and work your way through a book or a series of recipes on a theme like baking or soups and stews. Again cook together not on your own

* Get to some decent food shops
Somehow. If you have a car - or can twist the arm of a friend who has one - organise a trip to a supermarket, market or district with good ethnic shops. (Or go down in a group on a bus or train). There’s nothing as inspiring as good ingredients.

* Try a new recipe each week
Within a term you'll have a dozen recipes under your belt

And visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with what your fellow students are cooking. (There’s a reward points scheme for posting recipes and tips)

Photograph by Andrew Crowley