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What unions can do

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* Improve access to fresh ingredients
This is one of the most important things you can do. Many halls are miles from a supermarket, never mind a market. Some unis such as Bristol and Birmingham have farmers markets on campus. Others like Cardiff have food co-ops which deliver fresh fruit and veg bags or boxes to collection points. It can be done

* Equip student kitchens better
This is a tougher call but many student kitchens have lousy facilities. Lobby the student accommodation companies to provide more than a microwave and a kettle. Maybe have some equipment like an electric steamer, mini oven or breadmaker that students can borrow. Appliances aren’t expensive these days

* Find students who can cook (they exist!) and enlist their help. Also get local chefs, shopkeepers and other foodies involved. Set up a ‘Food Friends’ scheme of people who will go and teach a few students some basic skills and recipes.

* Have a campaigning day when you focus on cooking and hand out recipes and tips. The slogan could be “It’s better home-made” (Tastes better, better for you . . . )

* Devote a section of your website to healthy eating and link to us and other useful websites for tips and recipes

If your uni or union is doing something good to encourage students to cook do contact us at [email protected] or post on our Facebook page