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Students Can Cook: Celebrity Recipes

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To help us get over the message that anyone can cook if they put their mind to it some of Britain's best known chefs and food writers have generously donated a favourite recipe to the Students Can Cook campaign:

Recent articles

  Allegra McEvedy's Barley and Bits salad
  Sarah Randell's Caramel Apple Ginger Pudding
  Salmon Burger with Red Onion, Caper and Parsley Salad
  The River Café’s Pappa al Pomodoro (Italian bread and tomato soup)
  Thane's tuna, or just about any fish but anchovies, fish cakes
  Harry Eastwood's all-day breakfast omelette
  Lee’s brown-bag fried chicken
  Anthony Demetre's shepherd’s pie
  Great - and almost - instant home-made lemon ice-cream
  Chorizo, potato and thyme quesadillas
  Anissa's Spiced Chicken Wings with Aioli
  Jay Rayner's Braised Peas and Lettuce
  Alex Mackay's Grilled Mackerel with Tomatoes, Lentils, Orange and Rosemary
  Xanthe Clay's Mussels with Coconut and Chilli
  Gregg Wallace's Carrot & Ginger Soup