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While it may not always be geared to the student lifestyle there's an incredible amount of free food and drink info on the net if you care to look for it. Here are some sites you might find useful:

The Frugal Cook
My new blog, charting my day to day shopping and cooking for a book of the same name to be published this autumn by Absolute Press. Lots of money-saving tips!


Loadsa simple, attractive recipes and videos and details of the Pass It On campaign
Delia Online
A great site to consult if you want to have the basics simply explained - everything from how to prepare a mango to how to make meringues. (Click on cookery school.) Plenty of foolproof recipes too
Massive database of recipes from celebrity chefs + info on seasonal ingredients and healthy eating. Good vegetarian section.
Channel 4 Food
Recipes and news about Gordon, Jamie and Hugh from the Channel 4 website
More recipes from celebs + schedules for the UKTV Food channel - must-see daytime viewing for any wannabe chef.
The Vegetarian Society
Comprehensive website with info on what products are and aren't suitable for vegetarians
Great site with loads of food videos - some more professional than others. Also how to kiss passionately and how to fold a T shirt in 2 seconds . . .
Another fun site where you input the ingredients you've got in your fridge and storecupboard and they come up with a recipe
Love Food, Hate Waste
Loads of tips and recipes for using up leftovers

Our nutritionist Kerry Torrens' website giving details of how you can contact her for individual consultations. Also has a useful list of 10 top foods to boost your immune system - healthy living
All the lowdown on healthy eating from the excellent bbci website
Sound advice from the British Nutrition Foundation who are shortly launching a 'Let's Get Cooking Campaign'
Comprehensive breakdown on how much fruit and veg you should eat from the Department of Health
More jazzily presented info on healthy eating from the Food Standards Agency.
A useful section of the online learning site Learndirect devoted to health eating recipes
Mood Food
On-line store selling healthy foods and supplements. Particularly useful for those with food intolerances and allergies
Susan Jane Murray
Great recipes and tips on coping with food intolerances from former Oxford student and President of the Oxford Gastronomy Society

Fearless food campaigning organisation. Particularly hot on food advertising and what goes into kids' food
Passionate, opinionated discussion boards, recipes and assorted wisdom from the food world's great and the good

A group of student websites (including ours) which between them cover everything a student could possibly need. (Well, more or less ;-)
Student Gems
Job opportunities for students. Ways to tap into the student workforce for employers. Great idea!
Food at Uni
Great new forum for students to exchange ideas and recipes about food
Gourmet on a Grant
Regular student cooking blog from British classical composition student Mike
Student Bonkers
Well designed site with good comps and features (including, amazingly, on food ...
Over 600 pages of info for foreign students about study, travel, work and life in the UK
Highly sophisticated, user-friendly site with everything you need to know about getting into uni
Designed originally for people taking a gapyear this hugely popular site is a great place to visit for anyone wondering what to do with the next six months of their life.,
Useful sites for those looking for gap year opportunities and graduate jobs respectively.
Oxford Gastronomy Society
One of the best university food societies

Student Expressware
Cut price software.

Britain's biggest and best site for budget tips

My other site. Not just about which wine to drink with food but beer, spirits and cocktails too + recipes based on booze. Not in any way pitched at students but if you're splashing out and want to know what type of wine to drink it could be helpful.
CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ale)
Everything you need to know about good beer and the best places to drink it