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you've enjoyed the recipes on the site why not buy one of the books (or, better still, get your parents to).  Each one contains plenty of recipes and tips that you won't find on-line and, let's face it, it's easier to cook from a book than a computer screen or a scrap of paper that you're bound to lose . . .

Beyond Baked Beans

The original best-selling title in the series, with all the basics you need to know plus what have proved many readers' favourite recipes. Divided into Fuel, Favourites and Feasts, it covers all occasions from a hastily grabbed snack to a full splash-out dinner

'Brilliant' - Delia Online

'On reading the book from cover to cover I regretted that there was nothing around like this when I was a student and that it was Fiona who had the idea for this book and not me' - Antony Worrall Thompson, Daily Express

'The best new cookery book to address the subject of keeping wolves from doors is Beyond Baked Beans' - Jill Dupleix, The Times

'Beyond Baked Beans will steer anyone interested in real food away from pot noodles' - Mark Hix, Glenfiddich Newspaper Cookery Writer of the Year, The Independent

'Anyone of any age who has never cooked, but suddenly has to, would be grateful for this book.' - Daily Telegraph

'Direct and unponcy' - Nigel Barden, BBC London

Click here to buy Beyond Baked Beans from Amazon

Beyond Baked Beans Green

Although there were a lot of veggie recipes in my first book it was clear that there was a demand for a 100% veggie version of Beyond Baked Beans so this is it. Same formula - the book is divided into quick fixes for every day, popular recipes for sharing in a student house and flashier recipes for when you feel like showing off. There are lots of recipes I'm really, really pleased with such as Half-baked potatoes, Homage to the Spicy Beanburger, an amazing Veggie Caesar Salad and GMVs (you'll have to buy the book to find out what they are!)

'This book provides for all the gastronomic needs of the ever-growing herbivorous student population.The author claims that her book can be enjoyed by meat eaters too, and she's right - I could easily see myself living from it alone' - Tom Hirst, The Times

'The book is full of delicious meals that are filling, nourishing, cheap - and happen to lack makes a change to read a cookery book tht does not urge you to spend money on the finest ingredients and luxurious saucepans.' - Catriona Howatson, Daily Telegraph

'Like its forerunner Beyond Baked Beans Green is unpatronising and treats students as adults.' - The Independent'

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Beyond Baked Beans Budget

The latest title in the BBB series, Beyond Baked Beans Budget, is a response to your feedback that much of the time you end up cooking for yourselves. In the first section (Survive) the focus is on cooking for one: how to buy good cheap food and make it stretch. Share, which includes TWO new budget bolognese sauces, is about low-cost meals to cook for a crowd while Spoil Yourself features such splash-out treats as Prawn and Avocado Martinis, Honey Roast Duck with Stir-fried Greens and Squidgy Chocolate Pudding.

"There are some wonderful tips on what to do with leftovers . . . for those really on a budget this is the best thought-out cookbook on test"  Ainsley Harriott, who gave Beyond Baked Beans Budget top marks in his student cookbook test for the Observer

'An essential for accident-prone students' - Sunday Mirror

'As popular in university kitchens as tinned beans themselves' - Time Out

Click here to buy Beyond Baked Beans Budget from Amazon

You might also enjoy some of my other books:

Sausage and Mash

Not just for students but sausage-lovers everywhere, Sausage and Mash has over 100 fantastic sausage and sausage-related recipes. As well as the sausage and mash of the title it shows you how to use sausages to make pasta sauces, risottos and other rice dishes, pies, pizza and party snacks as well as great British stalwarts such as Scotch Eggs and Toad-in the-hole. Listed by the Independent in 2004 as one of its Ten Best Autumn Cookbooks, the brilliant pix are by award-winning food photographer Georgia Glynn Smith.

'Fiona's book is both fun and sensible and will make a great present, especially for the chaps.' - The Independent

'One of our great comfort foods has finally been given the recognition it deserves' - Independent on Sunday

Click here to buy Sausage and Mash from Amazon

Meat and Two Veg

Those of you who’ve got a couple of years’ cooking experience under your belt might enjoy the follow-on to Sausage and Mash, Meat and Two Veg. It’s full of comforting, calorific British staples like roasts, pies, hotpots and casseroles plus great ideas for healthy veggies to assauge the guilt!

'This marvellous book presses all the right gastronomic buttons' - Northern Woman

'Curl up with this book on the sofa on a cold night and drool over
the hearty recipes
.' Sainsbury's Magazine

Click here to buy Meat and Two Veg from Amazon

The Healthy Lunchbox

This book is designed for kids rather than students but has lots of simple recipes that might appeal to you too. It features 10 different lunchboxes to suit different types of children from the Big Dipper Lunchbox (which has a really good recipe for hummus) to the Green Lunchbox (you’ll love the Chewy Banana Flapjacks).

"Includes information about children's daily dietary needs and what a healthy packed lunch should include as well as inspirational recipes" Yorkshire Post

"Strong on ideas, very easy to follow and, most important of all, realistic, with advice for hard-pressed working parents." The Daily Telegraph

Click here to buy The Healthy Lunchbox from Amazon