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Useful Tips on LoL for Beginners

publication date: Oct 12, 2018

Are you looking for simle but effective tips on LoL? Here, we aren't going to talk about mind-blowing tactics, about complex builds, etc. Learn about the elementary supports, which will help you to get the desired victory when playing and betting on lolbettings.

3 Pieces of Advice for Those Who Just Start Playing LoL

  1. The first, and probably one of the most important tip is — Look and learn! Situation analysis is the most important component of the game. It is from the correct analysis that the path to victory is made. Sometimes it's enough just to look around in time - and everything will become clear. For example, if your team constantly loses team fights (team batches 5 to 5), you need to determine which of the members of the enemy team is the most dangerous and who needs to be eliminated first, who is the last one.

    In order to choose the right things for enemy damage, you do not need to learn builds (order of purchase of gear, distribution of skills), it’s enough just to see what we get the most damage from (magic / physical damage) and, accordingly, choose things for protection.

  2. The second, no less important advice - Think.

    LoL is not DoTA. Here, no one demands wild control from you, knowledge of all the champions, their abilities, weaknesses - all this is simply not necessary here when you just learn to play. All you have to do is think, think, and think again! If you understand that the enemy is stronger than you - do not meddle, wait for help from your allies. Fight only when you are sure of your victory in everything, you should not rely on changeable fortune all the time.

  3. And third on the list, but not least is - Work in a team.

    You have probably heard about it a hundred times but this is really important. You and your team are one. Always warn your comrades about miss missiles (when your opponent on the line suddenly leaves it) by writing the following in the chat - number of people left the line, the name of the track. Example: ss1 top. So one of the enemy champions left the top track. It is also worth reporting about the return of the enemy, writing in the chat re.

All these three rules are very closely interconnected: you cannot choose tactics for your analysis of the situation without thinking; and to win in team-fights it is not enough just to know who to kill first, you also need to implement it, and in a hot batch, where every second counts, only a well-coordinated team can do it.

Follow the tips above and you will succeed!


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