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Skin Betting: Everything You Need to Know

publication date: Oct 12, 2018

Some experts consider sites that offer betting skins are now unsafe for players because of the threat of losing their skins. This loss can happen either because of the closure of the site and refusal to return deposits, or because Valve will freeze the Steam account on the site and confiscate all the skins. This applies to both the "jackpot" sites, and sites for e-sports betting.

Given Valve's not quite tolerant position regarding skin rates, the affected operators are trying to find alternative ways to ensure their operations at eSports rates. Since the viability of betting skins in the future under a large question mark, perhaps the best alternative already exists, and it allows you to make profits faster, and this: cash rates. The initial attraction of betting by skins, a promising industry that in just a few years has gone from a minor industry to an industry that turns into billions, was very high. Let us list at least a few of its advantages.

What Are the Benefits of Skin Betting?

Check the pros of betting with skins:

  • Ease of use. Registration on sites like is, as a rule, very fast process. In addition to accessing their Steam URLs, players have never been asked to disclose their personally identifiable information, such as their SSN.
  • Flexibility. Sites for betting skins are very different from each other: while some offer bets on matches, others offer casino-style gambling. It was such a wide coverage that helped to achieve success in the market.

Once you have chosen an online bookmaker that you can safely entrust to your money and personal data, in the next stage you should consider how much the teams that the bookmaker offers match your cybersporting interests. The wide choice of offers on eSports is not the same as offering the best rates, but we do raise the ratings to those operators who offer a high-quality product along with a wide coverage, as most gamers and e-sports fans are interested, as a rule , not one kind of eSports.

Different players prefer different types of bets. Some players are happy to put on matches with low limits. Others prefer high rates for unique rare outcomes. This factor isn't the most important, since there is no single optimal proposal for all players, but in reality a wide offer will satisfy the widest audience.


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