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Comp winners and a new comp!

publication date: Nov 10, 2008
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We had so many comps last month it’s taken us a while to sort all the entries out but for those of you who are gagging to hear who won what we can finally announce the results.

First the easy ones. We had four winners of £50 vouchers in our ASDA Diwali competition who correctly identified three of the five authentic Indian brands the company was stocking for the festival (OK this was a bit of a no-brainer but you could have got it wrong if you hadn’t been paying attention) Top marks to Catherine, Steve, Nicole and Verity!

The signed copy of Jamie’s Ministry of Food went to Becca Carey for her cherished Anzac bars recipe which she passed on in true Jamie spirit.

The £250 ASDA voucher went to . . . Well, actually it didn’t and it hasn’t and that’s why there’s been a bit of a delay in letting you know. We didn’t think any of the entries merited it to be honest. We told our regular contributors they couldn’t go in for it and we think the video element may have put the rest of you off - either for technical reasons or because you feel self-conscious in front of camera, or you couldn’t think of a recipe or you don’t live anywhere near an ASDA - we dunno.


Here’s what we want you to do. We want you to come up with a killer student main course for four for £2 a head or under (i.e. £8 max in total)  It must involve fresh ingredients - no-ready made sauces. It could be a bit of a speciality you’ve developed yourself or a family recipe that’s been passed down by your mum (or dad, obviously) but please don’t nick it from a celebrity chef or a food website or you’ll get us into all kinds of trouble.

Just send your entry in an email to with FRUGAL STUDENT RECIPE in the subject line and get it to us by November 30th. The winner gets £250 of ASDA vouchers.

So far as reward points are concerned we’ve again taken our regular contributors off  the list as they’ve got so many it's getting embarrassing which leaves Charlie and Rob topping the table with 66 and 50 points respectively (Charlie having won an extra 10 points for recipe of the month, last month).

Charlie Edmunds - 66
Rob Flanagan - 50
Mark Swistek - 12
Katerina Antoni and Piper Terrett - 10
Erika Cule - 5
Charlotte Hanna Rebecca Smith, Vicki Milburn and Joanne Hamilton-Smith - 4

C’mon the rest of you - give them a run for their money! You can find out what you need to do to earn points by reading the guidelines here - it can be anything from a useful tip to a snap of a meal you’ve made, or, of course, the bumper earner, a recipe video. Just have a go . . .


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